Every year, from late June to August, the terrace of the Grand Hotel comes alive with events. Whether it's for an aperitif, dinner, or a special occasion, this place becomes the stage for unforgettable gatherings.



Terrace Aperitifs

Gourmet aperitifs, accompanied by the notes of the piano on warm summer evenings, where you can savor the atmosphere of legendary Hollywood, imagining sipping a drink seated elbow to elbow with the unforgettable stars of yesteryear. There are four weekly appointments throughout the summer.


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Terrace Dinners

Buffet dinners, accompanied by the orchestra on the rondò, with their leitmotifs: from world flavors to those of the Italian territory, on a journey from the Alps to Lampedusa, all the way to Romagna with the favorite recipes of Maestro Fellini.

Three weekly appointments, three different culinary themes, different musical bands each time, for a calendar of events throughout the summer, each one unique and unmissable.


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Dejeuner sur l'herbe

A longstanding tradition, the Dejeuneur sur l'herbe was born in conjunction with Al Meni, the Fellinian circus 8 ½ created through the work of Massimo Bottura. Our Executive Chef Claudio Di Bernardo and Roberto Rinaldini are the authors of this event dedicated to a show cooking and the tasting of culinary creations by Italian and Romagnan Michelin-starred chefs.

An inevitable spring combination, it represents the prelude to a radiant season dedicated to open-air events in Rimini.

The picnic on the grass is a manifesto of lightness and authenticity, "returning the garden to the city," and inviting people to experience the Grand Hotel by opening its lush and green spaces to the public.


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Overture de la Terrasse

Like the grand premiere of a glorious season, the Overture de la Terrasse raises the curtain on the summer events that animate the terrace of the Grand Hotel during the months of July and August.

In an evening that is both convivial and institutional, the opening to the public of a space symbolizing society in the Fellinian dream is proclaimed, and the beginning of the beautiful season is celebrated with a show-cooking event highlighting the lively partnership between chefs, enriching a meeting among friends.

A rendezvous open to the city to celebrate the Rimini summer, in whose rich calendar the Grand Hotel remains a leading player on the stage.


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Festival Gourmet

The Gourmet Festival, the heart of the summer season, is a culinary journey that offers, night after night, the gastronomic excellences of renowned producers, culminating in the August Gala, the highlight of a sparkling and glamorous season.

A series of special evenings during the most dazzling week of summer.

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La Terrazza della Dolce Vita

Every year, between late July and early August, there are interviews conducted by Giovanni Terzi and Simona Ventura in our magnificent garden. Each evening, personalities from the world of entertainment, music, culture, and cinema gather at Terrazza Dolce Vita for a series of open-air discussions against the backdrop of the majestic Liberty façade.

Current topics and lighter subjects alternate in these events, all of which are free, but reservations are required.


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Emotions and colors light up the summer at the Grand Hotel.

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