With its international appeal and five-star hospitality, the Grand Hotel Rimini boasts a century of history marked by the legend of Fellini.

A m’arcord the Grand Hotel
A 110 years’ long journey

A 110 years’ long journey which from July 1908 marks the summers on the Riviera Romagnola, contributing also in writing the history of Rimini.
Since its opening the Grand Hotel has been the ideal stage for a colourful show played by characters whose stories intertwined and generated legends.
A fantastic atmosphere which Federico Fellini’s great genius made immortal in his movie.
The Grand Hotel Rimini presents a series of events to celebrate this important anniversary to revisit its fascination in a special way.

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In Amarcord the dream comes to life

The Grand Hotel Rimini came to worldwide fame thanks to the genius of Federico Fellini, whose 1973 film Amarcord exalted its charm, fixing it forever in a timeless, dreamlike dimension. As Titta Benzi, the film's protagonist, recalls, describing the hours spent outside the Grand Hotel peeking through the hedge to spy on the unreal world of the rich.

From hotel to national monument

Since its inauguration in 1908, the Grand Hotel Rimini has lived in step with the history of Italy, as the central figure in the story of the Riviera's seaside development and Italian tourism; it became a national monument in 1994.

For Antonio Batani, love at first sight

In 2007 the hotel became part of the prestigious Batani Select Hotels group, owned by the Batani family. Speaking of the historic hotel, Antonio Batani recalled: "Having been the fiancé of this beautiful lady for so many years, at last I've married her!", and he was very much in love when he began the great refurbishment project that returned the legendary hotel to its original splendour.


Grand Hotel Rimini

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