An Unconventional Journey Through History and Enchantment

The Grand Hotel transforms from a hotel into a museum, adding to the offerings of the Fellini Museum.

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Grand Hotel: More Than Just a Hotel


In Rimini, the Grand Hotel cannot be considered merely a hotel. The style of its forms facing the sea, over 110 years of history in which it has served as a backdrop and container for the evolution of society's customs, and its dual connection with the figure of Federico Fellini, establish it as an undisputed monument of the city.

The Grand Hotel is a melting pot where stories have always merged. Whether ordinary or fantastical, plausible or dreamlike, they, in their unfolding, narrate lives absorbed by that monument by the sea. They are timeless and identity-less images, threads that connect lives and names over the years, transcending spaces and borders.

The dream


The dream, like a magic lantern, was ignited in 1908, shining along the outlines of the Grand Hotel Rimini.

Its history has spanned two centuries, during which its rooms and halls have been stages for events and personalities that have crystallized its eternal charm, worthy of an enduring "Amarcord."


Today, in a Rimini that is transforming itself, from the waterfront to its ancient core, the Grand Hotel has become part of a project in a historic city that is young and vibrant, with a soul waiting to be discovered, reaching its new beating heart within the walls of the Fellini Museum.

The "Albergo dei Sogni"

The Batani Family, owners of the hotel since 2007, in line with the evolution of Rimini, a city with a thousand faces, invites you to discover the Grand Hotel in all its personalities through the "Albergo dei Sogni": an unconventional museum journey where you can explore the history of a national monument in its style and architecture, while simultaneously experiencing, through the nine stations (or is it eight and a half, Fellini-style?), the dreams and enchantments of a place with timeless charm.

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Grand Hotel Rimini

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