On January 20, 2020 the 100th anniversary of the birth of the genius of Italian cinema, Federico Fellini was celebrated. Not only the city of Rimini, but also the Grand Hotel, his home of choice, have great proposals in store.



Take a short break holiday to discover the city through Fellini’s eye


"Nothing is known, everything is imagined"

Inaugurated in 1908, the Grand Hotel Rimini is the symbol of the Belle Epoque and, for the young Fellini, of forbidden desires: "The Grand Hotel was the fable of wealth, luxury, oriental splendor." Every time when the Maestro returned to Rimini, he stayed in suite 315.

Take advantage of the centenary from its birth to spend a memorable stay ath the magnificent Grand Hotel, an atmosphere of the past.


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La Dolce Vita Gourmet


The inspiration and creativity of our Executive Chef Claudio Di Bernardo for a reinterpretation of the most loved dishes by the great Maestro  Federico Fellini in 3 unmissable menus. Like the 8 and ½ risotto for example, a refined and precious recipe, or like the fish soup that remembers so much what Federico loved.


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Breakfast with Federico Fellini


The unique atmosphere and historic halls of the Grand Hotel are the ideal place to enjoy a King's breakfast before setting off to discover a brand new Rimini Felliniana. The itinerary we recommend will start right from the Grand Hotel where the echo of the great Maestro Federico Fellini can still be heard. Here, following a rich breakfast buffet, you will discover the historical halls of which anecdotes and curiosities of its 110 years of life will be told.

Aperitif La Dolce Vita


An aperitif in film atmospheres in memory of the Maestro. Two are the proposals created by Barlady Barbara: La Dolce Vita with Vodka, Passoa, Limoncello, Granatina, Champagne Vodka and 8 1/2 with Passion Juice, fresh strawberry and tonic water. The drinks will be accompanied by a tasting of small canapés.

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8 and 1/2 the spaces of the Grand Hotel Rimini – a tribute to Federico Fellini

A special museum itinerary inside the Grand Hotel, a journey through ther spaces of the historic  Hotel, to discover the secrets and the indissolubile with a dedication to Federico Fellini. A journey through the spaces of the historic hotel in Rimini, to discover its secrets and its unbreakable bond with the Maestro


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Fellini 100: Happy birthday Federico Fellini!

Rimini and the Grand Hotel celebrate 100 years since the birth of the Maestro Federico Fellini with an unmissable exhibition and a calendar of exciting initiatives.

To honor  Federico, you can visit the Grand Hotel in Rimini, a national monument since 1994.



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Grand Hotel Rimini

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