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Massage - DIABASI®

We care about the well-being of our guests and that is why our staff is constantly trained by the technical staff of DIABASI and updated with protocols that arise from years of professional experience to ensure high quality services, also satisfying the needs of those customers who seeks not only traditional massages but also the most innovative techniques.


Treatment of cervical or lumbar masso-therapy 

A treatment that starts from the anatomo-functional analysis of the cervical, dorsal and lumbar spine, home to persistent pain, soreness, inflammation and pathologies of various kinds, caused by inactivity, trauma and persistent and repeated forced positions, caused by flawed work postures.
Through specific protocols it is able to improve the state of the attached muscles and also the psychophysical well-being of the person.
Duration 60 minutes - 110,00 Euro.
Duration 90 minutes - 150,00 Euro.
Duration 120 minutes - 180,00 Euro.


Thai Foot Massage - DIABASI®

Thai Foot Massage is the specific Thai treatment for feet and legs, particularly suitable for legs with a feeling of fatigue, swelling and heaviness. Following the principles typical of Chinese plantar reflexology, it prevents and relieves a whole series of disorders such as cervical pain, lumbar pain also improving the functionality of the internal organs.
Thai Foot Massage is always performed on both feet and legs, through physical pressure and stretching, with the aim of opening the energy channels "Sen".
During the Thai Foot Massage is also used a stickwood , a special wooden stick smooth and shaped, thanks to which you get a positive effect on nerve tensions and an improvement in blood and lymph circulation.
Duration 60 minutes - 100,00 Euro


Thai Oil Massage
The Thai Oil Massage provides techniques of passive and deep stretching, pressure with sliding performed along the energy lines of the body.
Extraordinarily effective to improve the flexibility of the body, reduce muscle tension, rebalance the energy system of the body and boost the immune system. This massage is suitable for all those who want to rebalance both their physical and energy sphere.
This technique is accompanied by aromatic oil with Ylang-Ylang and provides a significant reduction in stress, anxiety and promotes an improvement in sleep.

Duration: 60 minutes - 150,00 euro


Kirei and Kobido DIABASI massage®

The KIREI method, or "beauty" in Japanese, is much more than just a treatment.

It is a ritual that precedes the Kobido massage that gives the skin a new life and gives a feeling of relaxation and well-being to the body and mind. A facial treatment characterized by active ingredients combined with Shiatsu acupressure.

Kobido means "ancient way of beauty" and is a traditional Japanese facial massage practiced for centuries, a natural technique considered extremely effective in the prevention and treatment of wrinkles.

Duration: 60 minutes - 90,00 euro


Sacral-Skull massage DIABASI®

The Sacral Skull Massage is a delicate listening, carried out with the hands, of a movement defined as primary breathing (RP) that is expressed throughout the body. It is a holistic technique, the massage is based on the stimulation of the self-healing ability of each person. It is a treatment that uses fascial mobilization, very light "manipulations " on the bones of the skull, on the spinal column and on the rest of the body, thus intervening on a system connected with every part of the body.

Duration 45 minutes - 80,00 Euro


The Dolce Vita Spa Wellness Center is open every day from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, both for hotel guests and external visitors. These and other offerings can be purchased through our online shop. Additional treatments are available by reservation by consulting our Spa Menu. For information and reservations, please contact us at (+39) 0541/56000 or email us at wellness@grandhotelrimini.com.

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