The History

Charm, style, elegance: perfection is not achieved by chance.
True excellence resist the test of time and becomes a legend
This is true of the Grand Hotel Rimini which, for a century now, has symbolised the all Italian Art of Life.
Spirit of life, therefore, but also substance; and most certainly, culture and beauty, not foregoing good food and dancing into the heart of the night.

Many artists and film-makers perfectly sensed that magical atmosphere, that deep stirring of the senses pervading the halls of the Grand Hotel and chose it as a silent protagonist and setting for some famous films.
It is no wonder at all, that with its two hundred bedrooms, exotic gardens, sprawling terraces and majestic pink Liberty-styled facade, Grand Hotel Rimini came to life, very much like an adult with its own set features.

From the moment of its inauguration in July 1908, it stood out as the most important Mediterranean attraction, fast becoming a holiday destination for the era's jet-set. The building was destroyed by a fire in 1920 and by Second World War bombings, neither of which were able to diminish its fame. Rather, historical events and frequent renovations made it all the more captivating, so much that in 1994, the entire building was declared a National monument and placed under the protection of Fine Arts.

In December last year, the Grand Hotel Rimini became part of the Select Hotel Group owned by the Batani family: a choice of prestige, and continuity of past, present and future, a distinguishing feature of true class.

All that one would expect from a hotel reown worldwide as being one of a kind.

The steps in the history of the Grand Hotel Rimini

The Grand Hotel Rimini was designed by the South American architect Paolo Somazzi, under the guidance of the “Società Milanese Alberghi, Ristoranti e Affini” (Milan Hotel and Restaurant Company). It was inaugurated on July 1st 1908.

A serious fire destroyed the two decorative domes which adorned the roof in July 1920: the domes were never replaced. The hotel, badly damaged during the war, was reconstructed in the 1950s. As a child.

Federico Fellini loved the Grand Hotel so much that he decided to immortalize it in some of his most famous films that gave the hotel a worldwide fame: particularly “Amarcord” (I remember) where the inimitable and fascinating atmosphere of the Grand Hotel are the background to some of the most memorable scenes.

The rooms are still decorated with Venetian and French antiques of the XVIII century, the original wooden floor (parquet) and the Venetian chandeliers have been restored; whilst in the restaurant and the other banqueting rooms, the furniture, the paintings and the lights reinforce the original atmosphere of the past.
In 1994 the Grand Hotel Rimini was recognized as a national monument and it is under the protection of the Superintendent of Fine Arts. Next to the Grand Hotel, stands the Conference Centre, uilt in 1992 and equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment, it is open all year long to host meetings and conferences at national and international level.

After a few management changes along the years, since 2008 the Grand Hotel Rimini is proud to belong to the brand Select Hotels.