FELLINI 100: happy birthday Federico Fellini!

December 11

2020 marks  the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the city’s most famous citizens, filmmaker Federico Fellini, who was born and died in Rimini, and whose fanciful movies memorialize the place where he spent much of his youth: the Grand Hotel.

Not only the city of Rimini, but also the Grand Hotel, his home of choice, have great proposals in store.


The maestro of cinema, Federico Fellini, lovingly said: “ The Grand Hotel is a fairy tale of richness, luxury and oriental splendor”. It could transform itself into exotic and adventurous places, in magical summer nights filled with youth and dreams… the Grand Hotel Rimini became Istanbul, Bagdad, or even Hollywood.

As a child Fellini saw the Grand Hotel as home of his dreams and his imagination, a mystical, almost magical place where every thought would come true. The lithograpy ( on the front) represent the hotel in the eyes of Federico, the 8 years-old boy, in 1928. During the day he hung around the parking lot with his eyes fixed on the luxurious cars, carefully looked after a private drivers in shiny boots. In the evening, hiding behind the plants, he watched with admiration the classy ladies in their long, flowing gowns, dancing slowly, in the arms of knights in white tuxedos to the rhythm of the music of American films.

The Grand Hotel, and everything that went on there, fascinated Fellini so much that he brought it on screen in the years to come. There are many traces of tribute to the hotel in his works, but the most famous is without a doubt “ Amarcord”.

Grand Hotel Rimini

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