Flying Days Air Excellence Show 2012 - Rimini, September 8-9, 2012

Flying Days represents a fine corollary of cultural, unique and spectacular events in elegant and welcoming surroundings. A hugely emotional program of incomparably spectacular and staged fascination which will take off from the International Airport dedicated to Federico Fellini. All the aerial displays and performances of the participants in the AIR SHOW will be directed from the airport, with the already confirmed participation of the Italian National Aerobatic Team, the Frecce Tricolori - ambassadors of excellence for Italy around the world - who will fly along the front of the Rimini coastline; with the display trials on Saturday 8 and the final performance on Sunday 9 September.

The Federico Fellini International Airport at Rimini will also be the scene of a static demonstration of various types of aircraft, with the involvement of the Armed Forces. Various foreign aerobatic display teams will also take part.

Flying Days Expo will also be a true and proper Air Show dedicated to general aviation, providing an overview of the most recent changes and industrial innovations: from light aircraft for sport and pleasure, to business aircraft, helicopters and all the dedicated services and equipment, and it will involve federations, associations, insurance firms, finance companies, etc.. With the support of the Italian Air Force aircraft are expected on 8th and 9th September from RVS (Italian Flight Testing Centre) and other Armed Forces. These will be on display in a dedicated area, together with models, equipment and aircraft engines.
The exhibition, with its display panels, will provide visitors with information on the most important sectors of of civil and military aviation, from the main aircraft operations, to air transport, air rescue and Combat SAR (Search and Rescue), to aerospace research and testing. Aeronautics institutes and training schools and the Aeronautics Academy will also take part.
There will also be an area dedicated to the history and traditions of flying with the display of some vintage uniforms.
Displays highlighting the marriage of vintage motors/aeronautics development and art/flight will enrich the program, with displays by leading artists with aeronautics themes (AERO Art).
Flying Days represents, for the made in Italy brand, an excellent opportunity for integrating a multitude of areas and sectors: from sport to industry, from civilian to military, from tourism to food and drink.

A unique, winning and irresistible alchemy. An enormous thrust.
Flight aerobatics alternating with routine flying, a rich program of sideshows, but no less important… moreover... a program dedicated to owners of aircraft and seaplanes of all periods… 
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