My wedding reception menu

The range of dishes for your wedding banquet. is very wide. Hereunder will you find a small selection, as an example.


After leaving the limousine on Fellini’s square, the bride and groom enter the Grand Hotel Rimini through the imposing gate in wrought iron opening onto the magnificent gardens of centennial trees. They welcome their guests with a sumptuous cocktail set up in an idyllic frame: the scent of the flowers and the tranquillity of a luxuriant nature offer the guests the unique sensation of being in a true paradise. Waiters in livery and white gloves ensure a spotless service, whilst the air fills up with violins melting melodies. After the aperitif, the banquet starts in the magic and festive atmosphere typical of the beginning of last century. On the terrace, dominated by the magnificent Liberty façade, the banquet has been perfectly organized with special attention to details: the tables, the floral decorations, the silver cutlery, the crystal-ware and the fine bone China crockery...

Thanks to our wedding planner’s and maître-d’s long experience, nothing is left behind. At the bridal couple’s sign, guests are invited to take their seats whilst the parade of waiters in livery and white gloves takes place and the table ser ice starts. The air is tepid, a fresh sea-breeze blows, the delicate lights from the garden and the terrace, together with the notes of the orchestra, fill the atmosphere. At the end of the desserts buffet, the nuptial cake makes a triumphal entry…Guests make a toast to the couple and the dances may begin! In case of bad weather or in winter, the wedding aperitif and the dinner are hosted inside the Grand Hotel Rimini. The soft lights from the precious French crystal chandeliers caress the antique furniture that decorate the ancient ball rooms. Glasses are raised, dishes exhale the smell of a refined cuisine, faces light up in a smile and the pleasure of being together is high.

The cocktail aperitif

Proposals for a buffet aperitif with beverage and food stations, 
and a small seafood and stir-fry wok corner

"The Grand Hotel Cocktail"

Assorted fruit cocktails, freshly squeezed citruses juices and Martini cocktails.

Parmesan cheese bites, toasted almonds, crispy petals of wholemeal bread, green olives seasoned with wild fennel leaves, tiny knots of mozzarella cheese with cherry tomatoes and olives
Parma ham, tomatoes and cucumbers, salmon or goat cheese and raspberry canapés
Crispy bread with cured ham and ricotta cheese, goat cheese and almonds.

Warm gorgonzola cheese flan, cheese bites with rocket salad, tomatoes and bread crusts
Skewers of prawn with balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, salmon and cucumber with brioche bread. Carpaccio of prawns with wild fennel seasoning with citrus peels and juice. Petals of marinated salmon and of amber jack  with a lemon, garlic and parsley sauce. Soft home made bread squares, mini sandwiches, cheese puffs, 
Fresh vegetable sticks.

Salmon mousse with avocado, lime and mint 
Tuna fillet in salt with citruses tartare and small sesame brioches, basmati rice salad with shellfish and artichokes. Octopuss carpaccio with balsamic vinegar.

Homemade pitta-like bread filled with with soft “squacquerone” cheese and tomatoes
Cheese pancakes, tempura prawns, stuffed black olives in batter
Fried sage leave, rice balls stuffed with meat, home made fried bread.

“Live cooking”

Fine Binic Papillon and Jacques Cadoret Oysters (Brittany) open whilst-u-wait and served with lime slices, lemon juice and raspberry vinegar with shallot
Stir-fried prawns with ginger sauce

The wedding menu

Table service fish menu.; “Mare Nostro” tasting selection

"The Tulip"

"The sea in the dish"
Selection of steamed fish and shellfish served with small salads, bread and tomatoes
and lemon grass sauce

Taglierini with gurnard fish, tomatoes and courgettes
Traditional home-made pasta served with a sauce of gurnard fish, fresh tomato, courgettes
and marjoram

Roasted sea-bass fillet
Fresh sea bass fillet, oven roasted, served on a bed of stir fried prawns and king prawns with potatoes, fennel, olives and extra virgin oil

The Sherbet

Lemon curd tart coated with white chocolate
Delicate soft lemon cream on a thin layer of sponge cake coated with white chocolate, served with a small fruit salad and passion fruit vanilla cream.

Small pastries


It is possible to replace the dessert with a dessert and fruits buffet for which the service times will have to be agreed with the bride and groom.

Our menu proposals are suggestions that might be modified upon the bride’s and groom requests. Our chef Claudio Di Bernardo is at your disposal to assist and advise you.

To close the reception on a sweet note and surprise all your guests, we recommend the fruit and ice-cream buffet: a “light” and very much appreciated alternative to the usual desserts.

The fruit and ice-cream buffet

The fruit and ice-cream buffet is an assortment of “sweet temptations” set on mirror trays, fine bone china plates, crystal and silver ware. Season’s and exotic fruits, sliced, flambé and caramelized are served with
ice-creams and sherbets.

The Fruit corner

Season’s fresh fruits
Melon and raspberry skewers, glazed and natural-style strawberries, white and black grapes, black berries, coconuts, pineapple, melon, mango and papaya.

Pineapple carpaccio with liqueur 
Salad of “cantalupo” sort melons, fresh fruits arrangement with citruses, local and exotic fruits; strawberry, pineapple, kiwi and blackberry salad
Mix of fruit skewers
Cinnamon seasoned fruits
Selection of nuts
Fruit and vegetable salad with passion fruit sauce

The home-made ice-cream corner
Assorted ice-cream pralines, chocolate, pistachio, strawberries, milk and vanilla flavours
Lemon, green apple and water melon sherbets.

A smart alternative to a table service menu, can be a wedding rich buffet.

The wedding buffet

Full buffet menu, including starters, main courses, fish and meat dishes and desserts, with meat, cheese and fish live-cooking stations

“The warm food corner”

“Pasta Cheffing”
Selection of pasta dishes

Risotto seasoned with Parmesan cheese, Golden sort apples  and foie gras
Cappelletti pasta stuffed with fresh cheese and served with a white truffle and thyme sauce 
Small maccheroni pasta with lobster sauce, cherry tomatoes and basil “pesto”

Pasta and fish cooked and served whilst-u-wait
Fish and shellfish broth with squid tiny squares and local herbs

“Main course Cheffing”
Meat specialities
Roast leg of lamb with stewed artichokes 
Beef fillet slices with Spello beans, cherry tomatoes and marjoram

“The carving corner”
Fish and meat carved and served whilst-u-wait
Turbot and king prawns seasoned with rosemary and “Cervia” salt
Roasted veal leg with potatoes seasoned with rosemary 
Roasted sea bass in jelly with potatoes, olives and cherry tomatoes

“Desserts and fruits”
Desserts and fruits buffet with a dessert prepared whilst-u-wait
Selection of soft and creamy desserts, mousse, biscuits, shortbreads and tarts, small pastries. Flambé diced fruits, arrangements of citruses and exotic fruits

The wedding cake

A wedding cake must be beautiful and delicious. Considered as the wedding banquet masterpiece, the wedding cake has the honour of closing the banquet on an unforgettable sweet note. 
Here follow our proposals

Multi-tier cakes
A three, five or seven tiers, with the larger cake at the bottom.

Typical english-style cake
Cakes set in a pyramid and decorated with ribbons, flowers and leaves for a true “Renaissance” look.

The hat box cake
A typically Italian cake inspired by the English style and and the multi-tier cakes. It is a three-tier cake with a round base with a meter and a half diameter.

One-tier cake
Very much in fashion, this type of cake is the simplest and less flashy, even if it allows for a more detailed decoration. Coated with whipped cream or meringue crumbs, this cake has a soft spongy heart stuffed with fresh cream, strawberries and custard cream.

One portion cake
Small one-portion cake, identical to the wedding cake. It is offered to guests as a souvenir to take home and it is sent to those who have not attended the wedding.

Chocolate cake
Ideal for winter weddings, it is available in two versions: 
“Full Chocolate”, with chocolate inside and outside or “White Chocolate”, stuffed with white chocolate and coated with soft whipped cream.

The base for all the cakes is a soft home-made sponge, with Chantilly whipped cream, strawberries and drops of black chocolate. On the basis of the type of cake chosen, our pastry chef will propose a number of decorations or will simply unleash his incredible imagination. Sugar or chocolate flowers, whipped cream, puff pastry filled with custard cream, fresh fruit arrangements, diced, sliced or glazed fruits,
white icing or meringue…

The wedding candies

Wedding candies are a typical Italian tradition and they are supposed to bring happiness and fertility. The “confettata”, as it is called, is presented and offered to guests in beautiful crystal vases, silver cups or boxes covered with precious fabrics, in the “Yvory” and “Champagne” shades.

A sweet, elegant and refined proposal for your guests who will be tempted by the several flavours, colours and shapes.

"Confettata" CANDY LIGHT
Candies in 7 different tastes, ideal for up to 100 guests

"Confettata" CANDY MEDIUM
Candies in 11 different tastes, ideal for up to 150 guests

"Confettata" CANDY MAGNUM
Candies in 15 different tastes, ideal for more than 150 guests

Besides the traditional white “confetti-candies” with a heart of almond, the “Confettata” buffet also includes a selection of special candies varying in shape and flavours, with chocolate, pistachio, citrus, coconut, strawberry, liquorice or cinnamon fillings.

In short...

Here follows the great variety of our proposals. 
Our Chef Claudio Di Bernardo and our wedding planner will give you the best advice on the menu and the service. Quotations upon request.

The Aperitif
“Patience” - “Federico” - “Dolce vita” - “Grand Hotel”

Menu proposals
Meat or fish, or meat and fish based menu
“Tulipano” - “Orchidea”- “Mimosa” - “Fiori d’Arancio”
“Il Gran Buffet di Terra e di Mare”

Our wine selection
Selection “DOLCI DA BERE” - Sweet wines
Selection “BOLLICINE” - Bubbles

The liqueur and spirit trolley
Grappas, Wiskeys, Cognac, etc.

The Open Bar
“Soft” List - “Strong” list

The dessert buffet
Various sorts of cakes, fruits and ice-creams

The “Confettata”
Candy Light - Candy Medium - Candy Magnum

The Wedding cake
Multi-tier – Hatbox type – One-tier 
English style - Chocolate – Single portion