Dolce vita SPA

Wellness at the Grand Hotel Rimini


Select Hotels Collection, the prestigious group belonging to the Batani family and including ten hotels located in Rimini, Milano Marittima, Cervia and Bagno di Romagna, introduces a new and innovative concept of wellbeing. Its wellness centres are inspired by Fellini’s Dolce Vita, in terms of “joie-de-vivre”, lightness of the body and soul, comfort and beauty enabling everyone to face the daily routine in a positive and energetic way..

At the Grand Hotel Rimini, two are the DOLCE VITA SPA wellness centres. One is brand new and is located inside the hotel. It can be easily reached from the rooms by means of a dedicated lift. It is equipped with a small swimming pool with water jets and hydromassage, emotional shower, sauna, steam bath, relaxation area, fitness room with Technogym machines, cabines for massages and beauty treatments. The other one is open in summer months and is located right on the hotel’s beautiful private beach of golden sand. A wooden structure with white muslin curtains guarantee maximum comfort and freshness during the treatments. An evocative environment, by the sea, where beauty treatments and traditional or oriental massages become a unique sensory experience.


Beauty and wellbeing usually go together, both in women and men. Tonifying, relaxing and rebalancing treatments allow the person to regain a deep sense of tranquillity. Women and men’s appeal are increased and so is self-esteem. A space dedicated to the senses, the body and the mind, where to relax and let oneself go to the pleasure of being taken care of, where to feel a deep sensation of wellbeing and inner beauty and cherish every moment as a treasury. A wide choice of sensory and ancestral rituals to gratify the body and the soul.

Wellness & SPA

Dolce Vita SPA Ritual circuit

Thermal swimming-pool
Swimming pool with warm water, equipped with anatomical deckchairs, swimming-against-the-tide and water games.

A hot-humid environment, lightly lighted, where vapours of ancient aromas purify and detoxify the skin. An invitation to be in touch with one’s self.

The classic Finnish sauna, a hot-dry environment to purify the skin and alleviate joint pains.

Emotional shower
Complete with chromatic-therapy and water jets varying in intensity for an intense revitalizing and tonifying action. Best after the relaxation circuit.

Full circuit € 25,00

Dolce Vita SPA Facials

Dolce Vita Repair for sensitive skins
Rejuvenate the skin and stretches early wrinkles, leaving a pleasurable sensation of skin firmness and elasticity. Moisturizes and smoothes small imperfections of the skin which becomes extraordinarily bright.
50 minutes € 85,00.

Dolce Vita Face Regeneration for mixed skins
Particularly suited for impure skins, it provides brightness to the face skin, fades the stains and acne imperfections thanks to it detoxifying, astringent, anti-bacterial and soothing active principles.
50 minutes € 85,00.

Dolce Vita Anti-Age for mature skins
Intensive treatment to smooth qfine wrinkles, provide hydration and elasticity to the skin of the face, decolleté and eye contour. Immediate lifting effect, brightness and firmness of the skin thanks to personalized massages and compresses.
50 minutes € 110,00

Dolce Vita Eye Contour
Alleviate puffiness and tiredness, drains and oxigenates the delicate peri-ocular for a brighter look.
25 minutes € 60,00

Dolce Vita SPA Body treatments

Masseges from western tradition

Sport & Relaxation
Ideal to release tension and stress, improve muscular tone and alleviate pains by increasing blood and lymph circulation to detoxify.
25 minutes € 50,00 – 50 minutes € 75,00

Aloe Vera After-Sun
The ideal after-sun or after sun-bed treatment. Thanks to the extraordinary regenerating effect of Aloe Barbadensis and vegetable oils rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it soothes and nourishes the skin deeply.
25 minutes € 50,00

Regeneration Legs
Improves lymph and blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, strengthens the capillaries, reduces fat build up and shapes the legs that feel pleasantly light after the treatment.
25 minutes € 50,00

Natural Peeling
Selected plant extracts purify the skin and improve the natural cell replacement. Suggested one a month to improve skin elasticity, glow and suntan.
50 minutes € 80,00

Vichy Emotion
Water nebulizations and precious natural products to offer the skin and the whole body a moment of sweet magic combining a massage with the affusion Vichy shower and a scrub with whole sea salt and thermal mud. Tonifies and firms the skin tissues.
50 minutes € 100,00

Draining massage that improves lymph and blood circulation, helps detoxifying and eliminating fat build up. Personalized treatment with a slimming and revitalizing action.
50 minutes € 80,00.

A compress of sea mud and sea extracts that absorb body water in excess, let the active principles penetrate the cells by osmosis thus draining the toxins away. Personalized creams and hot packs to reduce cellulite build-up and shape the whole body
50 minutes € 90,00.

Massages from oriental tradition

Ritual Ayurveda Massage
Massage Ayurveda: the science of life, the search for equilibrium through wellbeing, health, spirituality and harmony. Massage with oils and vegetable essences prepared according to the ancient recipes of Indian medecine. It rebalances Dosha and Chakra and eliminates toxins to the benefit of any organ in the body. Draining, anti-stress and regenerating effects.
50 minutes € 90,00 – 80 minutes € 120,00.

Ritual Dream Massage
Exclusive treatment combining metamorphic technique, bioenergetics and ayurveda principles for a total body and mind wellbeing. Full body massage and vibrational re-balancing of Chakra with Tibetan bells and crystals. Ideal for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, lack of sleep and digestion problems. It keeps the levels of tiredness and stress at a low level.
50 minutes € 90,00 – 80 minutes € 120,00.

Ritual Hot Stone Massage
The hot stones massage has ancestral origins. Essential oil active principles are taken deeply into the skin to improve the energy flow and alleviate circulatory, muscular and nervous problems. A trip to e new dimension, a gift of heat, rest and purification.
50 minutes € 90,00 - 80 minutes € 130,00.

Ritual Hot Stone peeling
Hot stones and whole sea salts scrub with highly depurative principles. The heat of the stones dilates the pores and removes superficial dead skin cells; sea salts purify and nourish the skin deeply thus speeding the cell renewal. Ideal if applied before other treatments to prepare the skin.
50 minutes € 90,00.

Ritual Pinda massage
Ayurvedic massage with hot compresses containing herbs, spices and cereal flours (Pinda) releasing their beneficial properties through the massage with warm oil. It alleviates joint and muscular pain and relieves congestion in the respiratory system.
50 minutes € 90,00.

Dolce Vita SPA Beauty treatments

  • Face cleaning € 80,00
  • Manicure € 30,00
  • French manicure € 35,00
  • Pedicure € 40,00
  • French pedicure € 50,00
  • Full podologic pedicure € 70,00
  • Leg and bikini line waxing € 50,00
  • ½ leg waxing € 30,00
  • Forearms waxing € 25,00
  • Bikini line waxing € 20,00
  • Armpit waxing € 15,00
  • Upper lip waxing € 10,00
  • Eyebrows waxing € 10,00
  • Back waxing € 30,00
  • Abdomen waxing € 30,00

Dolce Vita SPA Special packages

WELCOME - A sweet welcome and relaxation ritual
1 Dolce Vita Spa Ritual circuit - 1 sport & relaxation massage of 25 minutes.
€ 69,00.

DOLCE VITA - A treat for the couple
2 Dolce Vita Spa Ritual circuits - 1 Sport & relaxation massage 25 minutes for him - 1 Dolce Vita Face Regeneration 25 minutes for her.
€ 119,00.

SWEET EXPECTATION - For pregnant women
1 Dolce Vita Spa Ritual circuit - 1 Regeneration legs treatment – 1 Dolce Vita Face Repair 25 minutes. 
€ 119,00.

REGENERATION – To regenerate the body and mind
1 Dolce Vita Spa Ritual circuit - 1 Ritual Stone Peeling 30 minutes - 1 Ritual Hot Stones Massage 60 minutes. 
€ 139,00.

SIDDHARTA - The discovery of the oriental soul
1 Dolce Vita Spa Ritual circuit- 1 Ritual Dream massage 50 minutes - 1 Ritual Pinda massage 25 minutes. 
€ 139,00

ANTI-AGE - An exclusive and unique “remise en forme”
1 Dolce Vita Spa Ritual circuit- 1 Dolce Vita Vichy Emotion 50 minutes - 1 Dolce Vita Anti Age 25 minutes.
€ 159,00.

SILHOUETTE - to regain a perfect shape and harmony
5 Dolce Vita Spa Ritual circuits - 1 Dolce Vita Natural Peeling 50 minutes - 3 Dolce Vita Cellulitis 50 minutes - 1 Dolce Vita Anti Age treatment - 1 manicure and 1 pedicure.
€ 459,00.

For information and reservations:
“Dolce Vita Spa”

The wellness centre of the Grand Hotel Rimini
Tel. 0541 56000 -

  • Cancellations of treatments booked can be made 12 hours before the time fixed for the appointment without any charge. Treatments cancelled beyond the above term, will be charged at 50% of the actual value of the treatment itself.
  • The Grand Hotel Rimini declines any responsibility for skin irritations due to sunbathing after massages made with essential oils which increase the photo-sensibility of the skin Hence, please refrain from sunbathing after a massage with essential oils. Our treatments are purely relaxing and have no medical nor aesthetical purposes.